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Salman Khan: When I first started portraying my character in ‘Antim,’ I was terrified


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‘Antim,’ a film starring Salman Khan and Aayush Sharma, has received critical and audience acclaim. The film, directed by Mahesh Manjrekar, has lured moviegoers back to the theaters and has done well at the box office. On the heels of the film’s success, Salman Khan recently spoke with the media, revealing to ETimes that he was concerned about playing a cop in ‘Antim,’ a position that is far different from the cop roles he has performed in the past.

We asked the actor if he was concerned about his role in ‘Antim,’ a film with subtle but significant inspirations. Salman responded to this question by saying, “I knew in my head what I wanted to do with the character. I wanted to play it exactly how it was narrated to me. Mahesh also had the same thought. But when I started playing the character, I got scared, ki yaar main kucch kar nahi raha hoon (I’m not doing anything). But then I drew confidence from the fact that Aayush was playing his character in the way that I thought I should play mine. And if I would play my character that way too, then uska character marta tha (would get quashed). Both of us could not have played our characters the same way. Aayush plays a powerful man but he has got that anger in him. My character in ‘Antim’ sports a smile. Paani bhi fekega toh haske phekega (Even if he’d exercise his authority, he’d do it with a smile). So he knows his power. Even when he is having a conversation with the politicians, he will still have a smile on his face. That is the way I portray my character. It was good fun.”



“I had a vision of what I wanted to do with the character in my brain. I wanted to play it exactly as the storey was told to me. Mahesh had the same concept. However, as I began playing the character, I became terrified, thinking, “Ki yaar main kucch kar nahi raha hoon (I’m not doing anything).” But then I took comfort in the knowledge that Aayush was portraying his role in the manner in which I believed I should portray mine. And if I played my character the same way, then uska character marta tha tha tha tha tha tha tha tha tha tha là (would get quashed). We couldn’t possibly have performed our characters in the same manner. Aayush plays a powerful man, yet he is also enraged. In ‘Antim,’ I had a smile on my face.Paani bhi fekega toh haske phekega (Even if he used his power, he would do so with a smile). As a result, he is aware of his power. He always has a smile on his face, even while he’s talking to politicians. That’s how I depicted my character. It was a great time.”


We also inquired if Salman provided any feedback to the character he is portraying on television. “Mahesh and I both have our inputs,” the actor responded. In the film, I portray an inspector and a Sardar. As a result, I had to be cautious about my involvement. I have to be careful about playing the appropriate role in any society or culture. You must show respect for the community and properly laud them. That’s something I’ve done in all of my films.” Salman also revealed that the kada he wore in the film might cause him to injure himself.  “While trying to shoot for the scenes, woh kada aise lagta hai that your hands start hurting.”


Salman is currently concentrating on the promotion of ‘Antim,’ and will be travelling to India’s major cities. The actor said that he will be visiting Gujarat, Delhi, and most likely his hometown of Indore to promote ‘Antim’ with the film’s crew.


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