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In All Its Glory, Delhi Celebrates Christmas!


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Christmas is one of India’s most important events, especially for Christians. Christmas is celebrated in the same way as Diwali, Eid, or any other event is. One of the things that ensures our unity in diversity is this. Delhi, as India’s capital, is the epicentre of the festivities. Delhi has it all, whether it’s exquisite Christmas cakes, bakes, desserts, or delectable savoury food; or stylish and energetic Christmas carnivals, markets, and fests at various hotels and shopping malls.

Some of the churches to visit in Delhi during the Christmas season include:


Sacred Heart Cathedral Church

Sacred Heart Cathedral Church is one of the city’s oldest and most magnificent churches. It is enormous and holds a special place in people’s hearts, especially around the holidays. The entire church is decorated with fairy lights, colourful things, gleaming stars, wreaths, and other decorations. On Christmas Eve, large groups assemble to celebrate. There’s a midnight liturgy, Carol singing, prayer singing, and other activities. After midnight, a cake is sliced and distributed to everyone. Alongside the church’s entrance, there are fun kiosks and activities.


The Church of St. Alphonsus

St. Alphonsa’s Church is nestled among lush vegetation in one of the city’s most attractive sites. It was given the name Alphonsa after the saint (first Indian woman saint). The interiors of the church are predominantly wooden and white. Architectural carvings and sculptures appear to be mesmerising and beautiful. The interiors also mirror the Holy Bible’s lessons and stories in an innovative way. Make a point of visiting this church this Christmas if you want to be immersed in pure divinity and peace. The decor and atmosphere are magnificent, and the beauty is unparalleled.


The Redemption Cathedral

The Viceroy Church is another name for the Cathedral Church of the Redemption. It appears to have been around for about 80 years! The overall architecture of this location, both the exteriors and interiors, exudes a welcoming atmosphere. Royalty and divinity are reflected in the warm tones of colour shades, domes, and carvings. Expect to be a part of a magical and unforgettable midnight mass over the Christmas season (in 3 different languages).


Church of St. James

St. James Church is also one of Delhi’s most well-known churches. This vibrant golden-yellow edifice, located near the Kashmiri Gate, stands tall as a magnificent spot to be in. Colonel James Skinner constructed it in 1836. It is also known as Skinner’s Church because of this. It appears to be Delhi’s earliest church. The Christmas spirit is in full swing here. Many people gather to attend mass and to be a part of this beautifully furnished and lit chapel, which oozes beauty and tranquillity.


St. Mary’s Church

Another wonderful place to visit during the Christmas season is St. Mary’s Catholic Church. It’s one of Delhi’s oldest churches, and it’s close to the famous Chandni Chowk. St. Mary’s is an embodiment of beauty, peacefulness, and divinity, and has been well maintained until this day. This delightful edifice has won hearts because to its beautiful furnishings and relaxing atmosphere. Its atmosphere is a total contrast to Chandni Chowk’s rush and bustle. On Christmas Eve, it is packed with tourists, which adds to the festive atmosphere!



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