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Savin Communication provides an automated roadmap for effective Press Release Distribution


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The public relations sector is gradually but steadily adapting to new technologies. Agencies have begun to use automation in their day-to-day operations in order to realize its full potential. PR no longer works in the traditional manner. It has been taken over by Intelligence tools to effectively process without any kind of human intervention. Due to the advent of digitization in the world of PR, there has been a progressive response by clients all around the world. Knowing the need of the hour, India’s best Digital PR Agency, Savin Communication, offers press release dissemination in premium media publications in a seamless manner.

Digitizing the processes of PR, this public relations agency has been projected on a path where the brands can become the master of their own story. Holding an association with High Domain Authority publications, Savin Communication deals in Press Release Dissemination all over the country with a minimum viewership of over 75 Million. Incorporating the concept of SMART PR and result-Oriented-Investment, Savin Communication provides value to the profession by reducing redundancy and thereby speeding up human intervention.

When asked about the idea behind the concept and the importance of press release dissemination, the founder Saurav Choudhary said, “PR is one of the strongest tools in this age of digitization to level up your brand. Looking at the industry, the idea of automating PR gave a boost to our clients and their brands inclusive. Our main motto is to make our work smarter and hence we introduced the concept of SMART PR, where we focus on clients’ needs from drafting releases for their brand to getting them published in the various media publications. With this, we are able to help brands position themselves as credible names in the industry.”

Providing 24*7 PR Assistance, this digital PR agency ensures guaranteed coverage with a quick turnaround time targeting them to their specific and desired target audience. It identifies your niche and customizes its processes and media packages according to the prerequisites of the specific industry. 

They cater to the complete digital solutions for a brand right from ideation to creating strong narratives, from changing dialogues to making them stand out from the crowd. Having strong relations with leading media platforms, it forms premium press releases, gaining step-by-step guidance from PR experts. Articulating stories by a skilled team of content writers, The PR Tree also yields an option to monitor and track the progress of your disseminated press releases so that you are always aware of the whereabouts of your story.

Garnering the right attention from the media and the audiences, Savin Communication emphasizes creating a digital ecosystem to bridge the gap between story providers and storytellers. The company believes that there is a story behind every idea, brand, individual, and therefore has been giving immense importance to effective press release dissemination.  


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