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Founder of masternumbers.in, Arushan R Katyal decodes how numbers affect love and relationships


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Finding a mate whose personality and life journey are compatible with yours is typically the most difficult task. This is when numerology can be useful. Everyone is given a chart made up of seven key numbers, each with its own set of insights, as part of the process. Some numbers are regarded to be more compatible than others, and knowing which numbers are harmonic with your own is the key to finding an ideal companion. This can be understood with the help of numerology experts, such as Arushan R Katyal, a known and professional numerology coach and consultant, who has launched a portal called masternumbers.in which your date of birth is decoded to reveal all of its secrets and ultimate potential.

This veteran numerology expert believes that numbers may be found everywhere and in everything. We use them without thinking in a range of contexts, from basic tasks like determining the time or date to more sophisticated scientific calculations required to grasp the cosmos.

Romantic interest predictions for each number:

Born leaders and they like to lead in everything

He preaches that people whose date of birth is with the base number 1 are commonly drawn to 2, 3, 4, and 5 base numbers. Wilder claims that they are the most compatible life mates in love partnerships, with 2 as 1 is known as king and 2 as queen. He goes on to say that 1s typically have a hard time understanding how 6s and 8s approach love relationships, so even if the attraction is there, it may not persist.

Sensitive, sensual, and moody people

On the other hand, people whose date of birth is with the base number  2 make excellent romantic partners with 1,2, 3,5,6, and 7, in particular. This base number, according to Wilder, should be careful not to fall in love too fast since “they have a tendency to drown in other people’s emotional lives.”

Unconventional people with something unique about each person

In the same manner individuals with 3 as base number are compatible with almost all base numbers, including 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, and 9.  According to Arushan 3s will put more effort into their relationships and make them work with a larger number of base numbers than others.

They are solid, stable, and confident individuals


People who have 4 as the base numbers pair well with the numbers 1, 5, 6, and 7 in particular. “There is frequently an implicit understanding between 4s and 8s. This can lead to incredibly affectionate relationships, but if one of them is going through a difficult time, they may turn on the other instead of seeking the help they require”, exclaims Arushan.

They are in search of their perfect match

The ones who belong to the 5s are most compatible with is best compatible match is compatible with all 1, 3, 5, 6, and 9 in love relationships. Take it carefully, says Arushan, when it comes to this base number. He further added, “They have a proclivity to rush through all stages of a relationship. When you’re with someone else, look for a comfortable silence.”

They are ruled by the planet of love

As a life partner, the base number 6 is most compatible with all the numbers except for 1 and 3. They are said to have come to love and be loved. They draw a lot of close and meaningful relationships and connections, but they must be careful of setting and maintaining clear boundaries so that their significant other is not concerned about the nature of these ties.

They are dreamy and peace-loving people

People with a base number of 7 are most compatible with the numbers 2,3, and 6 are commonly drawn to the number 4. This partnership works because, as Arushan points out, “Both the 4s and the 7s are radical thinkers, but in very different ways. They must respect one other’s desire for liberty. The freer the 7 feels to soar, imagine, and create, the more grounded their partner is.”

They are emotional yet strong

If one has a base number 8, you’re most likely to be compatible with base numbers  3, 5, and 6. In general, 8s are drawn to others’ lightness and agility, but they have a hard time inviting individuals all the way inside. As per Arushan “They frequently remain in the same place in life for a long period before making a shift. It is critical for all sides to respect an 8’s personal journey.”

They hold the energy of both endings and new beginnings

The last one in the list are people with the base number 9, they get along best with those that have the numbers 3, 5, and 6 as their base numbers. Whatever the numerology compatibility, Arushan encourages this number to work on their triggers because when something in their worldview gets triggered, 9s tend to create enemies of extremely intimate or cordial relationships.

While opposite base numbers naturally gravitate toward one another, many numerology compatibility combinations work to form different types of relationships, including friendships, love connections, and work ties. If one considers love interest the most satisfying combinations are based on two people who represent very distinct attributes or finding someone who shares and understands the energy that one expresses but does not carry the exact same energies. All numbers have energy and significance in Numerology, but some are significantly more significant than others. Understanding master numbers can be extremely beneficial to both your own development and humanity’s collective evolution. Arushan R Katyal’s goal with masternumbers.in is to help you understand what your master number is based on your date of birth or name, and how it can have a huge impact on your life.


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