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Shunya Ekai Technologies launches RIOT MedOne to revamp medical diagnostic


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India’s leading AI, IoT and robotics solution services, Shunya Ekai Technologies has recently launched  its comprehensive medical diagnostic RIOT MedOne to provide easy access to people’s important diagnosis data. The tech-driven device can measure your oxygen level, pulse rate and temperature effectively. Additionally, its extension features include a blood glucose monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor, ECG, weight monitor and a digital stethoscope. It also possesses a digital camera that can conveniently be used for skin, throat and eye checkups. This handy device is made to offer ease of performing, recording, saving and sharing of medical tests and its result.

Shunya Ekai Technologies has developed this cloud-connected diagnostic device RIOT MedOne so that patients can use it at their home and store day to day records of their diagnosis history for future comparison and use. RIOT MedOne will give a boom to telemedicine practices as the patients will be able to easily share their diagnosis data with their doctors using its cloud-based platform and it will also help doctors to keep check on diagnosis patients report at real time . The easy communication of data also eliminates excessive staff dependency in medical facilities. It connects the patients with doctors in real-time to ensure the fastest commencement of medical care. One can also create multiple profiles in this device which allows you to keep track of your family’s diagnosis history without storing tons of paperwork. One can also set reminders over RIOT MedOne for monthly checkup sessions and produce a monthly report for a comprehensive look into one’s health condition.

Talking about their latest product, company Founder Chintan Sareen shares, “Shunya Ekai Technologies was conceived with an intent of simplifying people’s life through curating the latest smart technological products. Our RIOT MedOne is a physical manifestation of that very intent. It will be a valuable addition to the country’s healthcare system owing to its unmatchable diagnostic features. The device will be available at an affordable price and it will also help people who are living in rural areas and several unreachable spots. RIOT MedOne is a handy, easy to use and easy to access device that has been specifically designed to facilitate effortless communication of  diagnosis data over multiple verticals.”

As an industry-leading AI, IoT and robotics firm, Shunya Ekai Technologies curates products backed by extensive research and development efforts which makes them stand out among their industry peers. The company develops AI-powered products as per the market trends and demands to enhance the business operations and people’s personal lives and are focused on catering the global market at a very minimal price. Their patentable products like IoT solutions and AI-driven bots aim at bringing novel technologies closer to individuals and industries alike. Their extensive range of products fit the needs of several industries including hospitals, hospitality, last-mile delivery, manufacturing, enterprises and a wide range of other industries. As the Indian Government is trying to figure out ways to encourage the application and usage of AI, ML, IoT and robotics in the country, Shunya Ekai Technologies has surfaced as a torchbearer in the government’s vision of digital inclusion.


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