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With their novel solutions, Address Advisors helps brands Customise Warehousing & Logistics.


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Technology advancements are pushing the envelope and altering how organizations function globally. The logistic and warehouse industry is rapidly gaining popularity among the new-generation consumers, opening the door to innovation and disruption. When it comes to businesses managing the whole supply chain -from order confirmation to delivery- – the logistics aspect is now being taken seriously regarding its advantages. Gone are the days when it was thought of as a secondary alternative. The supply chain has taken center stage, giving those who can understand procurement, supplier management, inventories, warehousing, and distribution a competitive advantage.

The warehouse and logistics sector has made incredible strides in the last few years. While Covid-19 Pandemic has affected the industry worldwide, this Pandemic has also sparked the sector’s growth along a much more progressive and sustainable path. In addition, the adoption of the GST and the designation of the warehousing industry as “Infrastructure” have significantly contributed to the sector’s expansion in India. With the promise of steady growth and improvement, the logistics and warehousing sector is ready to expand beyond the horizons in the near future.

Modern-age technologies are helping streamline the critical role of connecting the production centers with consumption markets, reducing inefficiencies in how they were previously managed.

The role of third-party logistics has been pivotal in the growth and adoption of warehousing in India. If we look at the absorption trend in the warehousing Industry, almost 30% of overall absorption is by 3PL and logistics companies. They have been quite instrumental because of the flexibility they provide to a company – the end-users today. A considerable number of businesses have outsourced their e-commerce order processing to third-party logistics (3PL) companies as an alternative to in-house fulfillment since they are equipped and experienced to manage common online demands.

It is undoubtedly true that the warehousing and logistics sector is taking a new route and introducing new opportunities that provide customers with the same convenience, speed, flexibility, and transparency they look forward to. ‘Address Advisors’ is one such platform that assists the customers by solving their problems and processing the order at a faster rate than before.

Talking about their successful journey, the director of the company Dipen Karania says, “As digitization takes hold and customer expectations change, logistics and warehousing requirements are experiencing an era of unprecedented change. We strive to provide pragmatic and evolving solutions to every warehousing need, be it First Mile, Middle Mile or Last Mile. It is this approach that helps serve clients with Built-to-Suit facilities, last mile stations in dense city pockets, short-term warehouses for seasonal or project specific requirements.”

In order to reduce costs and meet service demands, logistics companies are transitioning from a traditional setup to one that incorporates IT and technology into their operations. The complex and soft infrastructure, such as education, training, and policy framework, plays a significant role in expanding the Indian logistics industry. The logistics sector is crucial for sustaining India’s booming economy. Moreover, it is predicted that the industry will grow at a robust rate of 10% to 15% yearly.

With a vast inventory of warehouses covering South India, ‘Address Advisors offers one-of-a-kind supply chain solutions to help companies expand and streamline their operations within short rollout times. From ensuring transparency to providing strategic leasing advice, offering detailed relevant market knowledge, advising tailored-fit business partners for unique requirements, creating persuasive and result-oriented leasing programs to delivering tailor-made solutions for your warehousing needs, the brand ‘Address Advisors’ brings everything under one roof.

It is anticipated that the worldwide logistics market will be worth 15.5 trillion USD in the coming years. By utilizing the advantages of their market knowledge & analysis, Address Advisors is manifesting its strong foothold in the logistic and supply chain industry. The firm is introducing the clients to a new level of ease and quick delivery. Moreover, the company aims to double its success ratio and make its services available to wider audiences by establishing itself as the go-to platform for all your needs relating to warehousing and logistics solutions.




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