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Heart-winning Bollywood mom characters who broke stereotypical portrayal


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‘Mere paas Maa hai’ Bollywood can boast of this sentence in any era. While talking about the mom’s character in a film, mostly a sideline character in the supporting roles. However, that doesn’t stop these incredible scripts and actors from breathing life into the roles which are naturally unique, not just for breaking those typical, flawlessly boring ‘Maa’ characters, but also gives spotlight to that woman who is playing the character of the mother and lives their life in their own unique ways.  

1.Shefali Shah in Darlings 

One of the most recent on-screen mom characters named Shamshu, who plays mom to the character name Badru is real, raw, and honestly humorous. In the film, Alia Bhatt who played the character of Badru is in an abusive marriage and her mother is not the kind of a mother who would ask her daughter to ‘adjust’ or ‘compromise’. In fact, from her very own personal experiences, she tells her daughter that her husband won’t change as “Some men are scorpions. They never change.” It’s her mother who pushed her to get out of an abusive marriage. As Badru can’t shine without her mother, this holds facts on-screen as well as off-screen.

2.Kriti Sanon in Mimi

It’s the story of a surrogate mother who ends up raising the kid, whom she intended to give up to the parents after Pregnancy. Mimi shows that embracing parenthood is not only limited to having a biological kid. What started as a deal to earn some money for fulfilling her dream of becoming a Bollywood actress, but turns her world upside down but she is too strong to get shaken by it. In fact, she embraces the child and raises him with the utmost love and care. Bollywood has seen films based on surrogacy earlier but Mimi turns out as a big surprise for the audience. 

3.Neena Gupta in Masaba Masaba

Neena Gupta plays the reel-life mom in Masaba Masaba for her real-life daughter Masba Gupta that shows a much appreciated honest portal of a mother and daughter relationship. Neena’s character is similar to her real-life role as a mom to Masaba. A modern woman who was never afraid of “log kya kahenge” as things change a bit as a mother Since she got protected about her daughter’s broken marriage as well as her choices in life. However, she always supported her daughter and had constant love for her, just like a normal raw relationship between a mother and daughter. 

4.Sheeba Chadha in Doctor G 

The story of an alone mother, why can’t she live her life on her own terms? Sheeba Chadha’s character in Ayushmann Khurrana’s Doctor G raises such questions which resonated with so many mothers across the nations. Can a lonely mother open an account on Tinder, is she allowed to dye her hair, or even is she not allowed to make a Facebook account or post videos? We are living in the era of transforming India whether in terms of technology or an individual as a person, especially women.

  1. Rani Mukherjee in Mrs. Chatterjee v/s Norway

Rani’s character is a wrong mother, who wants to get back her little kids, where is she wrong in this? It is not an easy battle for her to get back her kids as her opponent there was the Foreign government. Rani Mukherjee’s powerful portrayal of the character named Mrs. Chatterjee is winning praise from audiences across all age groups. Mother is known to be the strongest person in the whole world, she can even fight with god to protect her children and family. Mother is known as a goddess. 

Mothers are quirky, funny, broken, raw, and, most importantly, relatable. Here are some of the best mom characters in OTT and big screen too. These characters made us feel like mothers have the right to live a normal life just like us, they shouldn’t be made to live in cages or to live according to their families only. They have the courage, they can rule it. 


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