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Summers are on the way, so here are few skincare tips for this season


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Summers are knocking on our doors and with this season comes lots of environmental conditions that can affect the skin in one way or another. Different seasons demand different skincare routines. Thus, it is important to change the routine in accordance with the season. As winter gives us skin dryness and flushing, summers often end up leaving us with dark patches, oily skin, etcetera. Well, to beat all this chaos, here we have curated a few of the skincare tips that will help you have fresh and healthy skin this summer!

  • Make sunscreen your best buddy!

Well, you might have obviously heard the benefits that sunscreen has to offer. One should always apply sunscreen before sun exposure to give it time to penetrate the skin and create a shield. Also, most of them are water resistant which makes them even more beneficial. Amidst all this, what’s most important is wearing the right SPF. According to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the minimum SPF one should wear is 15 but on the other hand, the AAD (American Academy of Dermatology) and EADV (European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology) recommends using SPF 30 or higher. So go with what best suits your skin. 

  • Keep the moisturiser handy always!

Sun exposure, sand and contaminated water can all highly dehydrate one’s skin and make them lose radiance. To make up for the drying effects that these external elements cause and to bring balance to your skin it is always advisable to apply a highly moisturising body lotion and face moisturizer after the shower. It not only lessens the possibility of developing extreme dryness or oiliness which are harmful but moisturizer also ensures that skin blemishes are camouflaged. 

  • Ditch hot showers!

Well, we understand that ditching someone or something is considered mean but ditching hot showers is very much necessary. Hot showers will make your skin dry and it is always advised to choose cold water instead. In addition to that, cool water will be better for your blood flow and skin microcirculation. It also increases metabolism, reduces inflammation and prevents muscle soreness. On top of that, it also relieves localised pain.

  • Your skin needs to be revitalised!

Just like you, your skin also needs extra healthy components every now and then.  Revitalizing masks are a great option to restore skin balance, bring extra moisture to nourish skin and enhance skin’s elasticity. Select a mask that assists in repairing and strengthening the skin barrier. Always know that it is the skin barrier that helps in skin balance and protects it from external stressors including pollution, ROS, bacteria, etcetera. However, it can get weakened due to excessive sun exposure so giving it a boost by using a mask once a week will improve the skin’s defence, appearance and texture as well. 

  • Antioxidants should be an integral part of your routine 

UV radiation is a vital source of free radicals. The feared elements like this damage our tissues and cause premature skin ageing. So to shield your skin from its damaging effects, one should add antioxidants to their diet and skin regime. Food rich in Vitamin C will provide your body with antioxidants and its cosmetic form, Ascorbic Acid will do wonders as well. They will directly go into your skin and will more specifically protect photoaging. Specific serums and free-scavenging peptides are very much advised. Using antioxidants can greatly slow down skin ageing. 

Well, this was the list of skincare tips that will surely help you keep your skin glowy all summer. Remember to follow your basic skincare routine for sure or none of these tips will be worth it. Also do not be lazy, please always remove your makeup before sleeping! Now let us go and slay this season!


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