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Five times Delhi Metro’s viral video made us go ‘WHAT’???


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Living in Delhi-NCR means that there are high chances that Metro is your bestie. Announcements like “darwaze daayein taraf khulenge”, “Agla station kashmiri gate hai, yaha yellow or violet line ke liya badle” and blah blah are surely part of your daily routine.  The most enticing thing is that Delhi Metro is not just a public transport, rather, it is an entertainment hub, a drama club and much more. In recent times, there have been a lot of viral videos of the Delhi metro that have gone viral, let us have a look at some of them. 

  • When a woman’s video was recorded because of her attire which was not up to social standards

Recently, a woman grabbed everybody’s attention because of how she was dressed while travelling in the Delhi Metro. The woman, Rhythm Chanana was spotted in a bralette and mini skirt inside the metro train. As soon as the clip went viral on the internet people started comparing her to Uorfi Javed. Her provocative clothing divided internet users into teams. Some people even criticised the passengers for secretly filming the video without her consent.

Link to the viral clip- https://twitter.com/NCMIndiaa/status/1641809431649468416?s=20 

  • When a woman sprayed pepper spray on her co-passenger and was all like ‘main tera jeena mushkil kar dungi!’ 

Well, it was just another usual day when two women sitting beside each other ended up in a heated argument over seats. So what happened was that one of them said that the other woman took more area of the seat than was required. The argument took an ugly turn and the woman on the left sprayed pepper over the right one. From hand twisting to verbal abuse, there is nothing that did not happen between them. 

Link to the viral clip-


  • When a metro driver played a Haryanvi Song cause it was friyay bro!

Leaving the usual announcement behind, the Delhi Metro went into total Haryanvi vibes after the driver ‘accidentally’ played a track named ‘2 Numbari’ on speakers. A video of that wholesome moment went viral where passengers could be seen laughing inside the coach while enjoying the Haryanvi track. 

Link to the viral clip-


  • When a couple fought over ‘1000 rupaiye ki T-shirt’ 

So it seems like ghar par ladhna has become very outdated now.  In the year 2022, a couple allegedly began fighting in Delhi Metro over a tee. The guy thought the cloth was pricey and claimed it couldn’t be more than RS. 150 after the girl spent Rs.1,000 on a Zara T-shirt. Everyone on the train was shocked when they both slapped each other during the ride and then got off.

Link to the viral clip- 


  • When youngsters entertained their co-passengers with a musical performance

Not always every Delhi Metro viral video will be of someone fighting or name-calling. As an example of that, there was this video of two artists who totally entertained other passengers with their musical performance while riding the Delhi Metro. The clip shows them playing flute and guitar while commuters enjoy the melodious tune! Honestly, so so so wholesome. 

Link to the viral clip-




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