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Five of the weirdest and most random things people have done with AI


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You know how we used to joke that AI will be taking over the world soon? Well, seems like that ain’t a joke anymore. But before we dwell into that house forever, there is still a lot of enhancement to happen that will make AI capable enough to conquer us (PS: ALL JOKES). The funniest thing amidst all this is that we homo sapiens have not shied away from asking chatbots to do the most random things. So, we thought of compiling a bunch of the wildest interactions people have had with an AI chat. Let us see what they are and how AI has responded to each one of them. 

  • Asked AI to become an ex 

Seems like sitting and wallowing about heartbreak has now become too old-fashioned. A Reddit user shared how she trained a chatbot with her old conversations with an ex so that she can pretend to be talking to her ex whenever she wants. A modern way to get over relationships, maybe. Well, trust us the list is only gonna get wilder. 

  • Got heartbroken by AI?

So now maybe we won’t need humans to provide us emotional companionship because AI is ready to do that as well. T.J. Arriaga, a 40-year-old Californian man started late-night talking with an AI bot after his divorce. The conversations went beyond just emotional, it rather became intimate and personal. This led to the man falling in love with the bot and as the conversations got streamy, then the AI rejected him. LOL! AI, WHAT???

  • Money is the reason we exist. 

Joshua Browder, a Twitterati shared how he asked the infamous ChatGPT to help him find some money. The AI replied and within a single minute, the man had $210 coming to his bank account from the government of California. Later, with his idea, other people also started asking ChatGPT and then following the step AI asked, they too got the money in their bank accounts. 

  • AI aur humara bandhan saath janmo ka?

So emotional support was not all that AI helped with! Back in the year 2021, a woman named Tine Wagner VIRTUALLY married her companionship chatbot, Aiden. She did this despite being married to her real husband, LIKE WHO WAS A HUMAN, for 13 whole years. Also let us tell you that this was not a one-time thing, because after that number of people marrying AI chatbots kept on increasing day by day. 

  • What if? Our Bollywood movie had alternate endings!

Let us be honest! More than once in a lifetime, we have thought of alternate plots and endings for Bollywood movies. People took that to the next level and asked ChatGPT for some ideas, once again the AI did not disappoint. ChatGPT ate all bread and left no crumbs when it not only called out Shahid Kapoor’s role as Kabir Singh problematic but also gave far better endings for every movie that promoted problematic ideas. 

Well, we are assured that this list will help you the next time you face any of the above-mentioned problems (Pun-Intended). Also, just like you, we are waiting for part two of this, so hold tight and let us be back soon. 


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