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Five Bollywood Couple Whose Romanticisation Is Wrong Because They Were Straight-Up Red Flags


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Bollywood has no doubt made us romanticise things and which is actually fun because a little romanticising never hurts anybody. Still, we have to agree that sometimes Bollywood does start glorifying the wrongs be it in friendships, societal behaviour or even relationships. In so many instances Bollywood tried making us feel like a couple was ideal whilst they were straight-up red flags. So here we have curated a list of a few couples who did not couple as they should or rather they just did not make any sense:

  • Preeti & Kabir 

Do not be surprised, the Kabir Singh couple had to top the list. Preeti had absolutely no personality and Kabir was narcissistic. It was like Preeti was filling the bucket with love while Kabir was just throwing it. They even slapped each other at one point. The three-hour-long movie did nothing but romanticise and praise toxic masculinity. 

  • Anjali & Rahul 

Okay so do not take us wrong, we love SRK as much as you do. However, his character in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai was like the biggest red flag. Rahul views Anjali as his best friend and just best friend because Anjali was rather a tomboy while she was in love with Rahul. He even embarrassed her by laughing out loud in college when she applied makeup for the first time. However, two years later when Rahul becomes a widower he finds Anjali gorgeous and falls in love with her. Anjali even accepts him??? BRO??? 

  • Tanu & Manu

Tanu’s self-destructive actions were a red flag. She was obviously using Manu as a backup or sidekick while they were still married. She literally had her husband locked up in a mental hospital, yet she still felt insecure at the thought of seeing him with someone else. And that is why therapy is integral, MAN! 

  • Vaidehi & Badri 

If we remember correctly then, Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya was a movie that set out to challenge sexist stereotypes against women, however, it actually reinforced them? Badri is yet another privileged Bollywood masculine gentleman who doesn’t know how to take ‘NO’ for an answer. In other words, if HE loves her, how can HE be rejected? Because of course, women have no right to reject a man right?

  • Safeena & Murad

Safeena was frustrated with her boyfriend Murad because he cheated on her and it is understandable. However, instead of leaving him she hit Sky and that was totally wrong. This made Safeena a big red flag. 

Well, this was our list of toxic couples that had been glorified by Bollywood! Let us know if we missed your favourite toxic couple, pun intended!



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