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From prom nights to lockers in school, five things we desi kids wish to have grown up with!


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Western culture has had quite an impact on our lives, I mean it has at least enticed us. As kids, we often used to wish for a ‘cool’ life like the students of the West. Now if we sit and think about it, we realise how different the 2000s were for us Indian kids because of these things. Yes, there were some similarities, but for the majority of Indian millennials, the 2000s represented a childhood that was remarkably distinct from that of children in other parts of the world. So let us have a look at the things that firangi kids might have seen while growing up but we desi kids might not relate to it. 

  • Lockers in school 

If I am being honest, lockers were a thing that I always wished to have because carrying all the heavy books in the bag was just too much. It would have been so good to have them because they would help us forget the weight of our academics and also would have helped the shoulder pain we always use to get. 

  • Dreamy prom night 

We desi’s have had farewell parties but the max freedom we got was to wear sarees and suits. Afterwards, some cool kids could go to the after-party (I was one of them, hehe). However, still, the idea of dressing up and going all out for a school party, possibly bringing a date, is very different and almost unimaginable for us. This isn’t to imply that a prom is preferable to a farewell party merely because you can dress up and bring a date along; rather, it’s to point out that many of us can’t imagine celebrating that way in school. Simply put, it seems so much more adult kind you know?

  • Yearbooks 

At the end of every academic year, several schools in various nations print yearbooks, where students’ pictures from every class are put. Additionally, the yearbook is often developed and designed by the students themselves. The majority of millennials from the Indian subcontinent find it difficult to imagine having the freedom and obligation to use additional time in the computer lab. But to be honest it would have been so good to have a book with all our school mates pictures because we eventually did forget about most of them and having something to remember those days would be great. 

  • Calculators in class?

Remember how most of our time in mathematics and science exams used to go into calculations? Well, many schools abroad allow and even encourage students to use calculators in classes. So on one hand, we always used to get smacked if we messed up the calculations, they on the other hand had calculators as a part of their daily stationary. 

  • Sparkly lip glosses 

Many websites claim that these glitzy tube lip glosses were popular among young children growing up in the early 2000s. But as desi children, we learned from our mothers to apply coconut oil, ghee, or Vaseline petroleum jelly on our lips to prevent chapped lips. Nothing glittery was present, which, to be honest, our parents would have strongly disapproved of.

Now I only wish to have had these experiences, duh!



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